Full College uniform must be worn during school hours, on school-related activities and on formal occasions. The uniform consists of

  • White Shirt with the appropriate school crest on the left pocket (not long sleeve)
  • Green Pants
  • Black Shoes (without strips of other colours)
  • Black/Dark Grey Socks
  • Black Belt ( without metal islets)
  • Students are expected to be neat, tidy and well groomed. Short hair must be maintained at all times.Earrings, chains, bracelets and any other jewelry must not be worn in the school or at any public school occasion.
  • These rules apply during normal school days whenever the uniform is worn.
  • No baggy or oversized pants or skinny/tight fiitting pants (the school reserves the right to send students home until the proper uniform is worn.)
  • A white v-neck t-shirt may be worn under school shirts. However, there must not be any writing on it and the t-shirt sleeves must not be longer than the shirt sleeve. A white vest is also allowed.

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