It was an exciting and ‘splashy’ affair up at the Good Hope Swimming Pool on Friday November 14th. Shouts of support and comments of rivalry bombarded the atmosphere as the students cheered on their colleagues who were in constant competition with each other in every race that was announced.
The age old battle between houses was evident as their swimmers clashed in the pool.    Match-ups from the likes of Delron Felix and Darvin Clouden or D’Andre Stephens and Jenebi Benoit (all OECS representatives for Grenada) were a sight to behold.
However, as with any competition, there has to be a winner and Aquinian (Red House) emerged as overall champ. This year’s Swim Fest was wonderfully executed thanks to the members of the Sporting Department and other supporters.
The following is a list of category winners for the 2014 Swimfest
D’Andre Stephens (Aquinian House)
Delron Felix (Finbar House)
Adrian Andall (Finbar House)

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