Celebrations for Presentation Day this year, took place on November 19th, 2014. The events arranged for that day included the annual awards ceremony and the cocktail, organized by the PBC Alumni, to commemorate the success of our students.
The morning began with a church service at the Cathedral, Brother Robert Fanovich being the chief celebrant. He urged all the students of PBC to always “Let your yes be yes.” He beckoned them to be true to their words and stand firm to what they believe in.
After the service, the students were awarded for their performance in the previous school year 2013 - 2014. The students receiving final term averages in the different subject areas from 85% to 100% were awarded Certifications of Excellence. Certifications of Merit were awarded to the students attaining final averages from 75% to 84%. Students receiving 5 or more Certificates of Excellence with at least 7 Certificates in total would obtain an invitation to the cocktail held later on that evening to honour the “Crème de la Crème.”
 A total of 55 students met the requirements to be invitees to the cocktail. Their proud parents/guardians were also invited to share the moment with them. Their accomplishments were highlighted and praised by Mr. Hugh Dolland, the guest speaker for the evening.  Mr. Dolland, owner of Spice Basket and old boy of PBC, reminded the students they should always wear the mark of a Presentation student wherever they go.
The top ten performers at CSEC from the graduating class of 2014 were also present at the cocktail. Of those past students, Arnold John was given a special mention as he cupped the title of the top performer in the area of Electrical and Electronic Technology Technical in the Caribbean. The night ended with music, dancing and socializing. 

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